The Diary of a Child Care Worker

September 22 - My home stereo and VCR came up missing today. Nobody has any idea of what happened to them.

September 25 - Four kids ran away from Church today. Spent the afternoon driving around town looking for them. Caught one hiding out at the city park. The director said, “Don’t worry, the others will be back soon enough”

September 27 - Run-aways are back. They spent two days in an abandoned trailer partying. They will not be allowed to watch TV for two weeks, by order of their social worker. I thought they should receive more severe consequences, but what would I know, I’m just a houseparent.

September 30 - Found my stereo today at Johnny’s Pawn Shop. Paid $50.00 to get it back. They sold my VCR two days ago. They could not remember how my stuff ended up in their store, something about a previous employee.

October 2 - Tried to watch football again today. I’ve seen a total of 6 plays all season.

October 10 - Found out the most popular donated food items are: Corn Flakes, Green Beans, Pork & Beans, and anything expired. The least donated food items are un-ground cuts of beef and seafood. You eat them when you go on relief.

October 15 - Finally go on relief today. Relief staff quit two days after we arrived. They moved to Montana. Plan to sleep for 24 hours.

October 21 - Did a room search today. Found: 10 packs of Cigarettes, 4 cigars, 8 empty beer cans, and a partially assembled AK-47.

October 24 - Discovered today that I really did hear laughter the day we were hired. We hired a new couple today. Boy are they in for a shock.

October 31 - Been a Child Care Worker for two months, feels like two years. Kids TP’d house when I would not let them trick-or-treat.

November 5 - Finally finished orientation paperwork - still waiting for training.

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