The Diary of a Child Care Worker

November 7 - Cordless phone missing.

November 10 - Two boys ran away today. Took my car - wish I had full coverage insurance.

November 12 - Boys found - car WRECKED. District Attorney says they will have to pay for it when they get out of jail. Good Servants insurance will not cover it - at least the boys are in jail.

November 15 - Cat is missing, not seen since breakfast. I think he went to find a more peaceful home. Tired of being thrown in creek.

November 20 - Room search today. Found: 14 packs of cigarettes, 2 kilos of Marijuana, and plans for a nuclear weapon.

November 21 - UA day - had the dis-pleasure of watching 10 boys urinate in a cup. Spilled one on my hands.

November 23 - Phone bill arrived today, over $700.00. Forty seven calls to various 900 numbers. Phone never recovered.

November 25 - Thanksgiving - Kids were thankful we were going on relief tomorrow.

November 26 - Relief again - slept for 21 hours.

November 28 - Went back to check on our house. Have not received a single rent check. Found the house vandalized and vacant. Renter's whereabouts unknown. Contacted our lawyer.

December 1 - Back from relief. Seen Dr. today - prescribed Prozac.

December 2 - Lawyer contacted us today. He found the renters. They moved out of state and filed bankruptcy. Lawyer says it would be impossible to prove they did the damage, so we are stuck with a destroyed house.

December 6 - The first of many Christmas parties for the kids. Traveled two hours in the van to the party and two hours home. Considering giving them sleeping pills and telling them it is “car sickness medication”

December 12 - Seventh straight day of Christmas parties. Total travel time in van 20 hours. Prozac NOT Working!!!!

December 18 - School Christmas party. Two kids suspended for spiking the punch.

December 20 - Christmas Vacation. Most kids will be gone. Building a warehouse to store gifts for kids. People are so generous at Christmas time.

January 2 - All kids are back. Start school tomorrow.

January 5 - All presents are gone. They have all been broken or sold. Money used to purchase tobacco and CDs.

January 10 - House burns down. Fire Marshal says, “It was started by the kids using a paper clip and electrical outlet to light cigarettes and fire crackers. Kids are sent to other cottages.

January 11 - Good Servant offers us another cottage. We politely decline and accept a position with Green Peace harassing hunters in Montana. That seems like a much easier way to serve society.


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