Featured Facility Policies & Rates

At the top of The Houseparent Network Homepage is a slider that allows me to highlight different areas of the website. It constantly rotates different slides through it and that motion attracts the attention of site visitors making it the most visible item on the site. I am reserving two of those slides for facilities to feature their programs, job listings, websites or anything else they would like that linked to.

Featured Facility Example

The overall size of the slider is 700X168 pixels and includes an image that is 250X164 pixels as well as a text area that is 380X164 pixels. This text area allows for a title, link and description of about 65 words or 400 characters. The size limits are strict limits and cannot be modified. Each slider slide has to be the same size to work properly. I will be happy to work with you to get the proportions right.

The cost to be a featured facility is $10 a week. You may purchase as many weeks as you wish, however if there are more than 2 facilities that have purchased Featured Facility Listings, I will rotate the facilities through on a Biweekly basis. For example: If there are four (4) facilities that have paid for multiple weeks of Featured Facility Listings. Facilities 1 and 2 will be featured facilities for two weeks. Then Facilities 3 & 4 will be featured facilities for two weeks, before it goes back to facilities 1 & 2. Any new facilities that purchase Featured Facility Listings during that time will be added to the rotation. This policy will give more facilities an opportunity to be a Featured Facility.

The image for a Featured Facility Listing is 250 pixels wide X 164 pixels tall. These are hard limits. If you wish to have a specific image used you can email to the me at houseparentnetwork@gmail.com. It must be in either jpeg, gif, or png format. If you already have a job listing on The Houseparent Network, I would be happy to rework that banner/image to be used in your Featured Facility Listing. At the moment there is no additional fee for that. I could also, with your permission, capture images off your website to use.

You can pay for your Featured Facility Listing by paying online through 2checkout, sending a check to:
The Houseparent Network
1835 Highway 45 North
PMB 114
Columbus, MS 39705.

I would also be happy happy to invoice your facility, however your listing will NOT be posted until payment is received.

If you have any questions please call me at 662.574.1818 or E-mail me at houseparentnetwork@gmail.combefore you complete the Featured Facility submission form. I will do my best to clarify for you.

Click here to go to the Featured Facility Submission Form.


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