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My site is growing every month and I currently receive over 35,000 visitors a month.  Most facilities are having an excellent response from their job listing with The Houseparent Network.  There is a good chance that you will also, however I CANNOT offer any guaranteed response to your job listing and NO REFUND can be offered. 

If you purchase a six month or one year job listing, and fill the position prior to the expiration of your job listing, you may bank the ad for use at another time.  i.e.  If you purchase a six month ad, and fill the position after just two months.  You may contact me to bank the ad, and I will remove it and store it for future use.  In six months, you need more staff.  Contact me and I will repost the ad for the remaining 4 months.  HOWEVER, you will lose your ranking.  Your ad will be placed in the ranking, as if it were a new job listing. 


The site is growing everyday and there is a very good chance you will receive a good response to your advertising, however I cannot guarantee any results.

I do guarantee that your button will be posted within 24 hours of receiving your payment and that your button will remain active for the agreed upon period of time, unless you request it be removed in writing sooner.
*There will however be no refunds for early withdraws of advertising.

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