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One of my main goals for this site is to make it affordable to all facilities and users. I also realize that as the site grows and with the high rankings is has on search engines, that space can become quite valuable. I have come up with the policies for advertising with those two points in mind.

Points to know about The Houseparent Network
I started the site in January 2001. I am currently exceeding 100,000 total page views every month.

On almost every search engine and directory I am listed on if you search with the key word houseparent, The Houseparent Network is number one.

I am currently listed on all the major search engines to include: Google, Yahoo, MSN, Excite, Ask Jeeves, etc.

Additionally we are ranked very high for other keywords i.e. Christian Jobs, parenting resources, etc.

About a third of my hits are from people outside of child care and I am reaching and informing new people about child care.

I am currently offering the following advertising:

  • Level 1 - 135X55 Pixel button on Home page - 21 Positions - $300.00 per year
  • Level 2 - 135X55 Pixel Button on all Direct Care Job Listings pages - 21 Positions. $300.00 per year
  • Level 3 - 135X55 Pixel Button on Directory Main Page or Job Listings Main Page 14 Total Positions $125.00 per year
  • Level 4 - 135X55 Pixel Button on "Administrative/Support Positions" and "Singles Only" Pages or Other Links page - Currently 36 total positions. $100.00 per year
  • I will consider and may negotiate other forms of advertising

If you wish to have a larger area you can combine multiple button spaces. Example: Purchase two buttons and combine for a 135X110 pixel button or a 270X55 Pixel Banner. Purchase 4 buttons for a 270X110 Pixel Banner or a 540X55 Pixel Banner. Six for a 405X110 Pixel Banner or all eight for a 540X110 Banner.

I will not accept any advertising from sites that are not consistent with the themes of The Houseparent Network or my personal values, i.e. pornography, or any illegal activity.

I reserve the right to reject any request for advertising

The site is growing everyday and there is a very good chance you will receive a good response to your advertising, however I cannot guarantee any results.

Please E-mail me at houseparentnetwork@gmail.com to further discuss advertising.

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